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Printxtreme.com is a focused, specialized, and fair company that is driven to provide customers the best quality prints that are also affordable!

We are a team of dedicated graphic designers that have become frustrated with prohibitively high prices for each individual large print. It is with this shared passion to fix the situation that we have launched our services.

Focused: We only offer the highest quality prints on the highest quality materials using the highest quality inks. We are able to utilize sophisticated customized software to edit and enhance your images to produce the highest quality prints available.

Specialized: We have a variety of sizes to suit your needs and should you have something beyond (a special size, a particular nuance, or you just want to contact us in person for fun), just send us an inquiry and we will try our best to find a solution. E-mail inquiry here.

Fair: We want to be fair (in this day and age where everyone else is after just the bottom line, turnover, market share etc), a simple statement that we feel is often not the case. We always charge the lowest prices to every customer, whether you are a high school student needing impactful images for class, Fortune 500 corporations that want to freshen up the offices, a married couple that wants to cherish their honeymoon memories….everyone gets the same high quality prints at the same great prices.

Affordable: We are consumers too, and as such, we share your amazement with the high prices that are charged by other printing companies. After biting the bullet and forking out the big bucks to get prints, we were amazed at the visual impact that a Quality print has compared to regular images. Your baby’s first smile enlarged 20 times compared to the standard 4 x 6 inches – it’s just something you have to see for yourself.

About Us
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